See the Country


The Northeast

The West

The Northeast is home to beautiful, secluded beaches along its coasts and lush forests in the interior. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing and laid back beach vacation or a week in the forest, the Northeast could be the place for you! The grandeur of The West has been an iconic part of American history. From towering mountains to lush meadows, the West offers a wide variety of recreation including hiking, rafting and skiing. Come explore the vast nature the West has to offer!

The Southeast

The Southwest

The Southeast stretches from the hazy mountains of North Carolina to the subtropical swamps of South Florida.  The land and wildlife are truly unique and make the Southeast a must-see part of the country!
The Southwest appears to be a barren land, dominated by sky and deep red rock.  However, a closer look reveals that the desert canyons of the Southwest is home to a multitude of plants and wildlife.  Visit the Southwest and experience this unworldly land! 

The Northwest

The South

The Northwest is filled with dense forests, towering mountain ranges, and crashing Pacific coast waves.  Home to some of our most pristine land, the Northwest is a great place to escape the stress of everyday life and explore the outdoors!
The South is a rich and vibrant land. full of cultural and environmental diversity.  From arid desert to  gorgeous seashores, the Southern landscape is perfect for a national park vacation!

The Mid-Atlantic

The Midwest

The Mid-Atlantic soars across our Eastern coast, changing dramatically with the seasons.  Every day is different whether the leaves are turning, birds are welcoming spring or wildflowers are basking in summer sun!
Once home to our nation’s great plains, The Midwest is at the heart of America.  Whether you are driving through rows of sunflowers or sitting on the shores of the Great Lakes, the Midwest provides a unique and exciting outdoor vacation!


Hawaii and the Islands

Alaska is our country’s final frontier, with millions of acres of intact wilderness.  From domineering mountains to iceberg filled Oceanic bays, Alaska is an adventure for even the most skilled and experienced travelers!
Hawaii and the Islands of the United States contain some of our most unique national parks.  Lava spews from the ground as new land is actually created.  The secluded islands that pepper the Pacific Ocean provides an exciting opportunity to see the diversity of the United States National Park Service!