Grand Teton Lodge Company

Grand Teton Lodge Co
100 Jackson Lake Lodge
Moran, WY 83013
National Park: Grand Teton
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The Grand Teton Lodge Company is a private business that operates as a concessionaire within the Park.  The Lodge Company operates everything from multiple campgrounds to restaurants to a variety of lodging facilities. Needless to say, if you visit Grand Teton National Park, you’ll hear their name more than once.

Their most notable property is the Jackson Lake Lodge.  Located along the eastern shores of its namesake, the Lodge provides visitors with upscale accommodations and fine dining.  The view from the lobby and outdoor porch are impeccable- possibly the best in the Park.  Fires crackle and the area provides an excellent place to find a comfortable couch, relax with a book and soak in the wonderful scenic beauty of the Tetons.

Another notable Grand Teton Lodge Company holding is the Jenny Lake Lodge which offers visitors quaint cottages nestled in the forest at the base of the Teton range.  Far from the main road, travelers can find peace and quiet while still having access to great food and the privacy of their own log cabin.

If you venture into Jackson Lake Lodge’s primary restaurant, the Mural Room, you’ll find yourself sandwiched between 20 foot long paintings of the West and a wall of glass that offers an unencumbered panorama of the Teton peaks.  Though many Americans would never know, some of our country’s highest quality restaurants and luxurious hotels are operated within of our national parks.  This allows less-adventurous travelers or visitors who just want some TLC to find spots that fit their needs as well.

These services are a great way for visitors uninterested in camping or huddling over a camp stove to still enjoy the majesty of Grand Teton National Park.  Because the Grand Teton Lodge Company is licensed to operate within the Park, you don’t have to waste time driving back and forth between local communities.  These places put you in heart of the Teton wilderness and give you the resources to truly enjoy your vacation.

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