Trapper Lake Hike

Trapper Lake Hike
Leigh Lake Trailhead
National Park: Grand Teton

For a secluded, gentle hike to beautiful crystalline lakes framed by the Teton peaks, take the Trapper Lake Hike.  You begin the jaunt, which can be designed to be anywhere from 3 to 7 miles, walking the shores of String and Leigh Lakes.  These relatively large, open lakes provide a great playground for visitors with canoes and kayaks.  As you continue, you leave the lakes briefly for quiet woodlands and the periodic meadow clearing.  Finally, a fork in the trail leaves you the option of continuing towards either Trapper or Bearpaw Lake.  With enough time to add an extra 2 miles, give yourself time to explore both.  Otherwise, spend your time at Trapper Lake; buried in the Teton’s gorgeous mountain scenery, fed by a small creek that bypasses the beaver dam just upstream, this is a place to find respite from cares of our everyday lives.

Every national park in the Rocky Mountains will have a hike like Trapper Lake that winds through forests and arrives at an undeveloped backcountry lake.  These hikes can be an excellent choice for a lowkey, relaxed day at the parks.  They generally have lots of shade cover and aren’t heavily trafficked, which allows you to sleep in and start the trail later.  There’s also usually little elevation gain so these hikes are not very strenuous and allow you to just enjoy your surroundings.

I would recommend the Trapper Lake Hike for any family who wants a relatively easy half-day hike.  It is also best planned in the middle of a trip, when your mind and body need a little break.  Check out these pictures for a taste of the Tetons!


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